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What I Learned from Recent Raids and a Decade of Doing Deportation Defense

While enforcement under the new regime represents an expansion and escalation, it is built upon past practices that can provide […]

Expanding Sanctuary Policy Solutions – A Crowdsourced Guide

This is a living list of legislation that has been passed or proposed to address increasing protections and/or reducing criminalization.

Una Expansión del Santuario: Pasos en Desafío del Orden Ejecutivo de Trump

Si Trump busca despojarnos del santuario, entonces debemos desafiarlo. Y nuestro desafío no debe simplemente recrear lo que existió, sino […]

Community Defense Zone Guide

Your guide to organizing your friends and neighbors to defend your rights and each other

Be a Mijente Rapid Response Organizer

Build teams for turn up all across the country.

Budweiser’s new ad is a Superbowl subtweet to Trump

The company that rebranded as "America" has a reminder for white people during the Super Bowl this year.

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