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May 19th, 2016

Milwaukee Has Options for Frozen Custard #BoycottLeons

***UPDATE*** Leon’s has cancelled its English-Only policy as a result of community pressure. The owner told the press, “I just made it official. If you can help the customer, just help them any way you can…” We still say, go get a paleta anyways.


The owner of Leon’s Frozen Custard revealed this week that he has an English only policy that prohibits employees from speaking any other language and demands customers place their orders in English.

Milwaukee residents didn’t take the news lightly, calling it discriminatory.



While others endorsed the move:


It’s kind of ironic, given the company’s product doesn’t come from an English word.


People are calling to #BoycottLeons



There are other options for frozen custard in Milwaukee

And then of course, why get custard, when you can support your local paleterx?


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