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December 2nd, 2016

People of Mijente: Lis-Marie Alvarado

Who is Mijente? Get to know us, unx por unx. Lis-Marie Alvarado is involved with Mijente, and is the Immigrant Organizing Coordinator at American Friends Service Committee.

How did you first become involved in social justice work?

I was taught about the importance of leftist politics, analysis, and social justice work from my parents who were involved in the struggle for the liberation of our small yet brave country Nicaragüa.  I am a firm believer in social change and that our communities not matter how small can strive and win even under extremely oppressive conditions. ¡SI SE PUEDE!

What kind of social justice work are you involved in right now?

I am working to involve children and youth in all aspects of our immigrant justice work, teach them about our Indigenous and Black roots and love our mother earth. Also, as the new administration approaches, republican legislators in Florida are getting ready to promote and profit from the “Trump Effect” to attack immigrants by proposing hateful laws that criminalize and separate our communities and revoke our rights and victories (such as in-state tuition for undocumented students). Therefore, as a coalition of organizations we are getting ready to respond the upcoming anti-immigrant laws in Florida’s legislature.

What is a pressing Latinx social justice issue you don’t see talked about enough?

Living in Florida we are vulnerable to climate change and sea level rise— and as a movement, we need to do something about it, seriously. We need to develop ecological awareness and responsibility. We need to correct our relationship with one another and respect Mother Earth. We must be willing to give up material things at expense of damaging our earth and other countries around the world.

What strategies do you think will be most important for Latinxs to consider for surviving Trump?

We are at a turning point in our history. We need to create another U.S. from the ground up. Our movements cannot longer come from just putting pressure on those in power. We need to take greater risks and gain independence from the system. A revolution is necessary, possible and already in the process!

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