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May 2nd, 2017

Best 12 Signs of May Day 2017

Yesterday was International Worker’s Day, or #MayDay, and thousands came to the streets to defy, defend, and demand protection for ALL our communities. Check out these amazing signs from today’s marches, rallies, and actions.

1. Our future, our hope: "My Generation Will Tear Down Your Wall!"

Image: Nayra Pacheco

Nuestro futuro, nuestra esperanza: “Mi Generación Va Derribar tu Muro!”

2. "Declaration of Resistance" #WeThePeople

Image: Erika Guadalupe Nunez, Philadelphia PA

“Declaracion de Resistencia” #SomosElPueblo

3. Wisdom from our youth: "Dream Beyond...Change, Not Chains"

Image: Mar Velouz

Sabiduria de nuestra juventud: “Sueña más allá…por el cambio, sin cadenas”

4. La "Primavera Feminista" ya llego! PuertoRico Presente #ParoNacional

Image: Zulma Oliveras, Puerto Rico

“Feminist Spring” is here #PuertoRicoPresente #GeneralStrike

5. "Porque Callar Si Naci Gritando"

Image: Puerto Rico #ParoNacional

Exactly. “Why Stay Silent if I was Born Shouting”

6. Civil disobedience actions coast to coast: "No Ban, No Wall. RESIST"

Image: Repost @movementphotographer, San Francisco

Acciones de desobediencia civil por todo el pais: “No a la Exclusion, No al Muro. RESISTE”

7. "Las Mujeres de Immokalee Luchando Por Respeto Y Dignidad"

Image: Carmen Mason, Immokalee Florida

“The Women of Immokalee Fighting for Respect and Dignity”

8. Cuz babies know the struggle too. "Babies on Strike! We have nothing to lose but our naps!"

Image: Bianca Bockman, Yotam Marom, and little Amí

Porque los bebes tambien saben luchar: “Bebes en huelga! No tenemos nada que perder más que nuestrxs siestas!”

9. She STAYS ready. Him: "Build The Wall" Her: "Near Trump Tower"

Image: Kirin Kanakkanatt, NYC

El: “Construye el muro” Ella: “…cerca de la Torre Trump”

10. Nuestro paletero favorito. "No Sobran Inmigrantes, Sobran Racistas"

Image: Lilian Jimenez, Chicago

Our favorite paletero. “We don’t have too many immigrants, we have too many racists”

11. "All the Queers are Coming Out to May Day!" <3

Art by Julio Salgado

“Todxs lxs Queers Están Saliendo al Primero de Mayo!” <3

(*This isn’t a 2017 original but we love it so it made the list)

12. "La Migra, La Policia, La Misma Porqueria" #DefyDefendExpand #Sanctuary4All

Resist Criminalization #MayDay Poster by Monica Trinidad

“ICE, the police, the same crap” “Desafiar, Defender, Expandir Santuario Para Todxs”

And one more, because #FreeTeresa

Image: Claudia Rueda, Kevin Flores, Marcela Hernandez. Los Angeles, CA

For more information on the campaign to #FreeTeresa from ICE detention, Click Here.


Sofia Campos is a warrior, healer, undocumented, resister of borders. She’s also Capricorn who loves reading, dancing, and hot chocolate. Follow her at @campoSOFIA or @soulfiyah on IG

Paid for in part by Mijente PAC, 734 W Polk St., Phoenix, AZ 85007, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.