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July 25th, 2017

This Latina’s Clapback to Her Boss’ Discrimination is Epic AF

Not all heroes wear capes is common refrain on the internet—except when they do.

Meet June Rivas who is going toe to toe against discrimination in the workplace in what has to be the most epic stand against a sexist and xenophobic boss in recent memory.

When Rivas showed up to work with a headscarf and ponytail she was reprimanded for her “unprofessional” attire, even as the terms of her employment lacked any mention of a dress code.


Not one to put up with this, Rivas filed a harassment complaint which prompted her boss to cover his ass with a hastily crafted dress code that prohibited among other things “cultural headscarfs.”

But this was when Rivas clapped back. Being a longtime cosplayer (seriously just see her facebook page) Rivas complied with the dress code even as she pursues her harassment claim by going in to work dressed as Invisible Woman from the Fantastic 4 and Storm from X-Men, among others, since the new dress code makes no mention of capes, wigs, color contacts—just, you know, “cultural” attire.

Not all heroes wear capes, but Rivas does from time to time, and we are in awe of it and her courage.

Check out some of her now-professional work attire:

Hairo Cortes is a SanTanero and immigrant from Guerrero, Mexico. He is the Director of Chispa in Orange County, CA. Follow him on Twitter @HCortes96.

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