By Cris Batista | Dec 14, 2022

2022 Desde el Estado: Politics For & By the People

When we employ a Desde el Estado approach to our efforts, Mijente, Mijente PAC, and Mijente Support Committee (MSC) take the fight to our democracy and demand equity, fair representation, y mucho más. It’s about making interventions through the systems of government already in place, and working to influence the policies and people in power. It includes moving our gente into roles in government office and elected spaces, and keeping them accountable to our gente when they win.

Growth At All Levels

This year saw the largest expansion and development of Mijente and Mijente PAC electoral efforts including 18 candidate endorsements. We had electoral efforts and voter mobilization campaigns running in 9 states across the federal, state and local levels: in Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Arizona, New York, Massachusetts, and California. We also had the honor of supporting 5 Mijente members for office on all levels, and we succeeded in seating 3 pro-pueblo, Mijente endorsed candidates in Congress. We see this as just the beginning, and will continue to fight for our gente to have a seat at the table and power to make changes that will impact our everyday lives for the better. 

Fellowship for Local Elected Officials

For the last couple of years, we have successfully organized to put community leaders and organizers who share our values into government. And 2022 saw the first cohort of a Fellowship for Local Elected Officials! As part of the electoral work of MSC, we provided organizing support and educational resources to 10 Latinx sitting City Council members across the country. The fellowship is an opportunity for our compas to learn more about co-governance and how to build power with it for our communities.

To learn more about the 10 fellows, check out our post: here.


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