Win and Turn Back Trump

Win and Turn Back Trump

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By Mijente | Oct 29, 2020

Chingona Guide for Love in the Time of XX*

We’re excited to present the Chingona Guide for Love in the Time of XX*: 8 simple practices for health and happiness during a global pandemic, written by Jessica Aranda and illustrated and designed by James Aranda and Gloria T. Aranda.  

Jessica is a Mijente member based in stolen Tiwa land (Albuquerque, New Mexico). This guide builds upon her first publication, Chingona Guide for Self-Determination in Healing: 7 simple practices for spiritual well-being.  It includes a description of several practices all of our gente can use to take care of our spirits and hearts during the current global pandemic. 

Our communities know that energetic and spiritual well-being is core to our health and happiness. We know that seeking the support of a healer, therapist or doctor is so important and a privilege if you have access. We also know that each of us has the capacity to guide our own healing by connecting to new teachings and our Ancestral medicines.

Art by James Aranda

During this crisis, it is important that we care for ourselves and our communities, seeking out and following practical, expert-informed recommendations when possible. It’s also an opportunity to integrate the wisdom passed down from our communities and Ancestors who have experienced HIV/AIDS, the Spanish Flu, Bubonic Plague, Syphilis and Smallpox to name just a few epidemics. During this strange time, it’s important to find new ways to cultivate joy and hope, connecting with each other and our Mother Earth. 

Practices from the Chingona Guides incorporate wisdom from many different cultural traditions, passed on by Ancestors, Guides and teachers. These practices belong to all of us and Jessica invites us to use them, adapt them, and pass them along we are called to do. 

* Jessica intentionally avoids using the name of the pandemic virus and replaces it with XX or a crown emoji.  Since our words are powerful spells, we can unintentionally give more energy and power to a thing or a person by saying their name.  This is also true of the 45th president, a master at getting us all to say his name.  

Access to the Chingona Guide series eBooks is free.  You can also order paper booklets for $10, using Cashapp or Venmo.  

For more information, visit Chingona Remedios @ChingonaHealing

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