By Amanda Chavez | Jan 28, 2017

Chingona Guide to Self-Determination in Healing

Jessica Aranda is a Chicana healer, organizer, popular educator, strategic planner, and social entrepreneur from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  One of the ways she resists oppression and contributes to our movement is by supporting self-care, making ceremony, energy work, prayer, and stone, plant, mushroom and elemental medicine more accessible to those experiencing injustice and working in the frontline struggle.

Jessica Aranda wrote the “Chingona Guide to Self-Determination in Healing: 7 Simple Practices for Everyday Spiritual Wellbeing” in an effort to respectfully share sacred knowledge and make sure social justice warriors energetically take part in self-care even if they don’t have access to a healer, shaman or curanderx.  The guide includes step-by-step instructions for simple rituals and healing practices that anyone can do. The main focus is energetic cleansing and nourishment, which are so important for the struggle ahead.

Jessica is hoping to convene a nationwide group of healers, shamans, curanderx and energy practitioners to strategize and collaborate on best ways to support our communities spiritually and energetically as they prioritize on self-care.

For questions, to contribute to the conversation or to purchase a paper version of the Chingona Guide for $5, contact Jessica on Facebook at @ChingonaHealing


Restful and sufficient sleep is one of the MOST IMPORTANT self-care practices we can have… Sleeping is powerful because it is the space where much of our healing and integration work happens.

Setting Intentions: During sleep time we are vulnerable and open to energies in our environment, making out intentions for this time so important. To transition from our busy lives to sleep, a prayer is helpful in saying explicitly what we want our sleep time to be.

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