Win and Turn Back Trump

Win and Turn Back Trump

This election we reject the status quo & organize under strategic necessity to create the conditions that drive change from the ground up.

By Sofia Campos | Apr 28, 2020

Drag King Bilingual Storytime con los MENtirosos

Yesterday, @Losmentirosos read 3 books from the @lil_libros collection during “Bilingual DragKing Story Time” and it was amazing! Lil Libros makes bilingual children’s books. Not only are they bilingual in Spanish and English, they also focus on classic, traditional, & pop culture topics that are relevant to la cultura Mexicana. These books are a great way to introduce the Spanish language and Mexican culture (i.e. De Colores, Cantiflas, Zapata) to lil’ ones.

For this post, I highlight the story “El Chavo” which they read and I grew up watching. It introduces basic Spanish terms while looking for Chavo (a mischievious kid) around the neighborhood. As a Mexican American mom, I truly love these books.

Los MENtirosos collaborated w/ @conmijente to host a DragKing Bilingual storytime. Los MENtirosos (translated to liars, w/men emphasized) are a drag king group, queer and nonbinary dragentertainers, based out of San Antonio, Texas. They are advocates for many socialjustice issues that affect our Latinx community. It was fun and amazing to see all the families who were participating thru social media video teleconferencing. I highlight some of the reading and fun! I’m sure those that didn’t know Spanish learned a few terms and learned some of culture.

Representation and exposure with media, books, and cartoons helps #children so as they grow up, they know how to interact properly and/or treat people who are different than them, like in regards to language/nationality/gender/lgbtq identification. As kids get older and can cognitively understand things, then educating them on different aspects of diversity and inclusion is very beneficial; it increases empathy and kindness.

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About @raisingremixes: I am a Mexican-American from a single-parent, poor, migrant farmworking family from the Rio Grande Valley, Texas. I am married with 2 Blaxican sons and live in suburban American. I have worked in public schools for almost 20 years and have a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.

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