By Mijente | Jan 17, 2020

FUERA TRUMP: This is the year we’ve been building towards

Mijente is a fighting organization, and we are kicking off the year in action mode. We are amped to be a core partner of the 2020 Women’s March. Women – and especially women of color – have demonstrated bold leadership in driving the resistance against the Trump agenda. We need to honor that and multiply it. 

In 2020, we resolve to get Trump out of office. As we see it, there’s no sitting on the sidelines. We cannot enable four more years of this administration and be complicit in astronomically compounding the pain, trauma and destruction it has wrought domestically and globally.

When we take to the streets tomorrow, we also feel called to bring to bear la constancia of our gente. We have survived and do so everyday. Our comunidad is seeing each other through the darkness, with joy, love and radical subversion. In spite of criminalization. In spite of disenfranchisement. In spite of displacement. In spite of the capitalism-driven climate crisis. In spite of all the mierda that tries to take away our power.

Desde el estado is one of many key fronts where we must contest for power. We have come into 2020 ready to beat back white supremacist right-wing forces all across the country to manifest a pro-Black, pro-queer, pro-trans, pro-planet, pro-worker feminist vision of the world. Wherever you are, join us to amplify the battle cry, Fuera Trump, and let’s work together to make it happen.  

On Saturday, January 18, follow Mijente LIVE on Facebook and catch us on Instagram for coverage of the Women’s March 2020.

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