By Amanda Chavez | Sep 5, 2017

Mijente Reacts to Trump’s Cancellation of DACA

We Will Organize Against this White Supremacist President’s Agenda

September 5, 2017

In response to the announcement that the White House is terminating the deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) program, Marisa Franco, director of Mijente, issued the following statement:

“Jeff Sessions is a living monument to the Confederacy. He and Donald Trump’s white supremacist agenda must be stopped. Today we stand together with the 800,000 young people who will lose their status as a result of DACA’s termination as well as the 11 million undocumented immigrants who have watched this president unleash his deportation force upon them with impunity. We will not accept the criminalization of our community and we will push every person in an office of power to stand against it as well.”

Tania Unzueta, Mijente’s legal and policy director and a DACA recipient herself, adds,

“We fought for and won relief then, we will fight and win again.  Undocumented youth and our broader community are stronger than the racism that currently inhabits the White House, the Department of Justice, and ICE.  In pardoning Arpaio, Trump has shown an utter disregard for law, constitutionality, and the courts and so any use of those terms to justify his latest attack on us is not just hollow, it is absurd. Today our community mourns the cruelty that has taken over government and we also rededicate ourselves to organizing to confront and overcome it.”

Mijente and others will gather at 10:45am tomorrow, Wednesday, at a park near the Department of Justice (Indiana Plaza at 7th St. & Pennsylvania Ave) to erect and tear down a statue of Jeff Sessions, who they are calling a living monument to the Confederacy.

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