Win and Turn Back Trump

Win and Turn Back Trump

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By Cris Batista | Jun 2, 2022

Resources for Grief in the Wake of Uvalde Shooting

On Tuesday, May 24th in Uvalde, Texas 19 children and 2 teachers were brutally killed in an elementary school shooting, by an eighteen year old armed with an AR-15 and handgun. The shooting, in this largely Latinx community, claimed the lives of mostly Latinx children and adults. This happened just 10 days after Black and Asian communities faced fatal mass shootings at a grocery store in Buffalo, NY and a church in Southern California.

Y Hora Que?

In conversations with our gente, we heard the need to have space to process the traumatic event that happened to the chiquitos and educators in Uvalde. The horrific act, combined with the lack of real and rapid response by the law enforcement, is too much to bear alone. That’s why on Sunday May 30, we coordinated an event where our compas at Latinx Therapists Action Network could hold space for Latinx parents and caregivers to gather, process, and grieve together.

Resources for Grief & Trauma

Below we want to share resources with you that can help in understanding and addressing feelings of grief, loss, and pain. We hope that they will serve as a useful guide as you navigate conversations with familia y queridxs. Special thank you to Latinx Therapists Action Network and Aida Manduley for sharing these resources with us.




7 Grief Practices from “The Artists’ Grief Deck”

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