Win and Turn Back Trump

Win and Turn Back Trump

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By Cris Batista | Mar 17, 2022

Resources Sobre Lo Que Pasa En Ukraine

Since Russia launched a full-scale military invasion into Ukraine on February 24, 2022, fighting has caused over two hundred civilian deaths and pushed millions of Ukrainians to flee to neighboring countries — the majority of whom have arrived in Poland, a NATO country where U.S. troops are preparing to offer assistance to refugees.

“Conflict in Ukraine”, Global Conflict Tracker, Council on Foreign Relations

Here are a few resources that our compas have found helpful in understanding the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict.

  1. Fiona Hill on the War Putin Is Really Fighting
    The Ezra Klein Show

In the podcast, Ezra Klien and guest Fiona Hill discuss: why Ukrainian identity is absolutely central to understanding this conflict, the different pathways the war could take, whether NATO expansionism is responsible for the current conflict, what de-escalation could look like at this point, and much more.

Check it out by listening to the audio above. If you would like to read the interview instead, you can do so here: Ezra Klien interviews Fiona Hill (podcast transcript)

2. The real and imagined history of Ukraine
Vox, Today, Explained

In this podcast episode, co-host Noel King speaks with guest and Yale historian Timothy Snyder on the historical and political connections between Ukraine and Russian, and what events have led up to this point. You can learn more by listening to the audio above or reading more here: Vox Article

3. Explainer: How Russia’s war in Ukraine is shuffling US alliances in Latin America
The Miami Herald

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has reverberated across the globe, including in the Western Hemisphere, where both Washington and Moscow see the crisis as an opportunity to shift regional alliances in their favor. U.S. and Russian officials engaged in a flurry of diplomatic talks with Latin American and Caribbean leaders before the war started. The pace of diplomacy has only intensified since the fighting began. And many countries in the region have responded by walking a delicate line, declining to support Russia’s invasion abroad without forcefully condemning it at home.

Miami Herald
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In the article, the writers discuss the global effects of the conflict in Ukraine for Latin America — with specific highlights on Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua, y Venezuela.

Listen to the 7 minute 30 second audio version above or read the article in full here: Miami Herald Article

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