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Take Back Tech II

Tech is militarizing borders and increasing the power of the police. AI is aiding in the genocide of Palestinians. Globally, half the world’s population will experience national elections that will be shaped by mis and disinformation. We are at a crossroads, and we need stronger strategies and relationships to reclaim technology for our people. Take Back Tech is a gathering for organizers, advocates, academics, and workers looking to deepen our strategies to combat technology’s worst harms.

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Contra El Estado

El Chisme Tour 2024

Your political home on the move

| June - October, 2024
Contra El Estado

Take Back Tech II

Combating technology’s worst harms

| June, 2024

2022 Contra el Estado: Demands of The People

When we use the Contra El Estado strategy, we create openings within the current system to challenge power. We expose the systems of oppression that are buried deep into the fabrics of our society and demand “No more”. We put…

10 Moments in the History of Surveillance And Policing

A short history on surveillance, policing, the criminalization of immigrant, BIPOC communities and how they’re reinforced by tech companies today.

Fired Up and Full of Heart: The People Strike Back

From TV writers to healthcare workers, baristas to hotel workers, and pilots to fast food workers one thing is certain — it’s a hot labor summer and corporate greed has got to go. There are so many workers, across dozens…